Mike Mckoy of Train & Believe has been at the forefront of the developing field of Personal Training Online (PTO). In PTO, your personal trainer creates a custom program based on your specific fitness needs and goals.  Your program, complete with instructional videos and training sessions, will be sent to you. You only need to have an internet connection to access your personal training sessions. You will also be able to log your workouts in our specialized app, which means two things: One, you can easily monitor your workout progress, and two, your personal trainer can also keep an eye on the work you’re doing and encourage you to stay on schedule. Throughout your training, your personal trainer will be available to answer any and all of your fitness questions, and help you optimize your program for even better results.

Train & Believe also offers Specialized Programs (SP) for those who would like to explore a specific area of physical fitness. SPs can focus on core strength, agility, endurance, nutrition, and fitness just for women. Each comes with a suite of instructional videos, an assigned list of personal training sessions, and a schedule for completion. SPs typically last for 8 weeks, and you can bet they’re going to challenge you! They may not be easy, but there’s no doubt you’re going to see results with our Train & Believe Specialty Programs!

With Personal Training Online, and Specialty Programs, there really is no excuse for waiting any longer to start making your fitness goals a reality. If you have any questions about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today. If you have the willpower, Train & Believe can help you get there!