There is a tendency in the fitness world to want the newest gear, the fanciest clothes, and the latest exercise accessories. Fort McMurray’s Train & Believe personal trainer service is here to tell you that as long as you have the motivation and are paying attention to the three fundamental factors of physical fitness, you really don’t need to be getting hung up on the extra bells and whistles. In some cases, the need to own the latest stuff can actually hinder your progress toward physical fitness. Footwear is one example of this.

If you go into any “athletic” shoe store in the mall, there’s no doubt that your eye will be drawn to many pairs of brightly-colored, creatively-designed shoes. Many athletic shoes boast of superior cushion and sole support, but in reality it’s a feature that can do more harm than good. Shoes with excessively thick soles can affect the way you run, jump, and stand. And since all of your weight rests on your feet, a change of footwear can affect the alignment of your legs, hips, and spine.

The sad part is that your feet don’t actually need all that extra cushion. People in countries where the shoe market is not so saturated are used to wearing thin-soled shoes, or no shoes at all, every day. On average, these people experience better posture and all-around foot health. There’s no need to coddle your feet; they are built for a heavy-duty job.

For advice on all fitness equipment, from shoes to free weights, talk to Fort McMurray’s leading personal trainer Mike Mckoy. He has the knowledge and experience to tell you what’s important for your fitness training, and what isn’t.