If you participate in online fitness training sessions from Train & Believe, we know that you want to get the most out of every workout. In order to avoid early fatigue or other bodily problems that can keep you from performing at an optimal level, you must be careful about what you eat before a workout. Here’s a list of foods to avoid before attempting to exercise.

Eggs and Dairy  These foods, while generally regarded as healthy sources of nutrients such as protein, are harder for your body to digest. Working out can make time for digestion even longer, because it is put on hold as your body devotes its resources and energy to muscle activity. Save these foods for when you can give your body the time it needs to digest them.

Salt  True, salt is hard to avoid. But eating foods such as chips, beef jerky, and other highly processed snacks introduces excessive amounts of sodium into your system. This can disrupt your body’s ability to properly distribute its fluids, impacting crucial processes like sweating during a workout.

Spicy Foods  Hot, spicy foods are generally a bad idea before a workout. The constant motion of your body can cause semi-digested food to wash back into the esophagus. If the food contains spices or hot pepper oils it can cause heartburn, irritating the esophagus with prolonged contact.

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